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What are these tiny black dots around my 2 month old persian nipple?
Theres like these tiny black dots around her nipple only. not on the nipple but just around it ...and we got her 2 days ago. If you know what these black dots are how can i get rid of it???
Is you cat a light colored cat? Often light colored cats have skin pigment on their skin. My cat is orange and she has a spot on her nose and quite a few on her lips. Light colored cats should not get too much sun because they can get cancer, just like us. The spots have a name but I don't know the correct spelling. It sounds like, lint-e-genes.
Hope this helps.
My nipple is very very tiny than the medium size, how to make it enlarge little?
it is not sexy,i think my hubby wont get satisfied by my tiny nipple
Dear, I don't really think there is a way to make your nipples larger.
Nipple help please, I'm a girl and for as long as I can remember my nipples are actually tiny pieces?
Please don't just say ask your obgyn. I'm young and shy and a bit scared. Nothing on google seems to have the answer and I know it's not an urgent issue that's health threatening. My nipple just consists of tiny pieces
You will only get a proper opinion on this when you have a medical opinion and someone experienced in women's health issues to examine you.
Women's health centres have seen everything and are very approachable. Women's breasts are very variable in size, shape, colour (including nipples) and the definition of 'normal' is really wide.
A female doctor would be your best bet for a worthwhile opinion.
If you have a good relationship with your mother, I would share this problem with her. She will be flattered that you trust her with this. Best of luck.
I have these tiny bumps around my nipple ?
i have these tiny bumps by and around my nipple on my areola and im kinda self concsious about them, and ive read taht they show during pregnancy but im only 13 and i havnt(and will not untill im older) had sex. should i be worried that im pregnant ? and what can i do to make them go away ?
Those are incredibly common. Many girls, if not most, have them. They aren't unattractive and no guy is going to mind them.

You're definitely not pregnant.
When i squeeze my nipple a tiny bit of clear liquid comes out? is this normal?
i told my mo mshe says its just hormones and my breasts are big thats why, ut i just want to make sure
i squeezed my nipple and only like a tiny drop came out of clear liquid..... im scared =/ .
my boobs don't hurt or anything and i know im not pregnant. im only 15
From what I hear, that's completely normal. As long as there isn't a lot, I wouldn't worry too much about it. But if it keeps going and you're worried about it, go see a doctor to ease your nerves
Tiny piece of skin on my nipple what is it?
my nipple (near the areola) has a tiny piece of skin (about the size of the head of an aunt) that is only half attached to the nipple. It is the exact color of my nipple and it's not painful. Does anyone know what this is?
I'm not sure, but it could just be a skin tag, which is totally harmless. And no, it's not gross at all. A lot of people have skin tags...my husband even has a little tail lol. For peace of mind, I'd say to go to the dermatologist to check it out.
What are the teeny tiny bumps around my nipple on my areola?
on my areola i have like teeny little bumps. maybe like 10 on each. what are those?
The nipple and the areola are the darker part of the breast. The nipple is the central area through which the milk ducts open. The areola is the circular dark area around the nipple. The "bumps" on the areola and nipple are Montgomery's tubercles. These tubercles contain the opening of sebaceous and sweat glands (Montgomery glands) that secrete lubricating substances for the nipple.


check that out it explains it haha ive always wondered that too! i guess its tthis
I am a 16 year old male and got this tiny ball under my nipple?
I talked to some people and they told me it was puberty, but others told me it was from working out. Should I get it checked out?
Both males and females produce Testosterone and Oestrogen. However, the concentration of testosterone is higher in males than females and vice-versa. During puberty, there's a sudden rush in the production of hormones. The body needs some time to adjust to these changes. Oftentimes, the concentration of oestrogen gets slightly higher in males, that causes the nipples to swell.

However, there's nothing to worry about. Most boys go through this. I did as well. I had a swollen nipple when I was 15, and had thought I was developing breast. But it just disappeared in a couple of months.

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