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Training Report, Final Day

Goals Summary 

Focus and Self Discipline: The head box has been invaluable in instilling focus into this one\'s pretty head.  She has learned to concentrate more on tasks, service two dominants at the same time, and present reflective anecdotes for her dominant\'s amusement.
Presence:  While our trainee came to us with a plethora of experience, her ability to remain present during scenes was less than acceptable.  She has rounded out this skill, and her willingness to be led in this direction speaks to the depth of her submission.
Slave Positions:  Trainee eagerly learned several important positions.   While other dominants may have different requirements, exposure to these positions was successful in teaching her the importance of stamina, self awareness, focus and discipline.
Protocol:  The trainee is especially adept at presenting a submissive, alluring presence, and the protocol training only enhances her demeanor and gives her the tools and focus to present herself in a dignified and erotically present manner.  Very fucking sexy.

Final Recommendations:  Dress her in full latex with hood and blindfold, leaving her slut mouth accessible.  Drill her on the slave positions she has learned and remain quick to correct her with stinging cane swats.  

Bind her in various uncomfortable and humiliating positions and order her to service TJ Cummings with her mouth, pussy and ass for our amusement.  Tell her what a good little whore she is as she sucks cock and presents her holes to be fucked, and finish the scene with a cum shot all over her latex clad face.

Take her back where she started this whole journey - the dirt pile.  Order her back into manual labor to clear her mind and contemplate the week\'s training.  Quiz her on what she leaned here, and dismiss her with the highest recommendations as a well trained and motivated slutgirl.

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Training Report, Final Day

General Observations

	she is an efficient and astute young lady
	she is a bruised, sore and experienced masochist but...
	there are ways to hurt her that she does not yet know 
	pacing improved
	she misses pussy
	she suffers beautifully


	serve cock, esp. oral skills
	male anatomy 101
	sense of humor


	push her further into the surreal world of her circumstances
	blur the path to reality 
	assign different names through the day to disorient

	leash her with clover clamps to nipples and labia
	order lorelei to walk her as her screams echo through the \'Theater of Pain\'
	deprive her of her senses
	rig and submerge her in the Houdini Tank
	put both the little sluts in corsets and gags
	use them to entertain a few guests
	use lorelei as an instructional aid
	her pussy as motivation for donna
	teach her the value of a sense of humor
	see to it they are both used hard and well
	call out donna on her inept and sloppy oral skills
	give her some hands on lessons
	overwhelm them both with orders and hard cocks
	make them work hard for three loads of come
	see to it they swap the come back and forth before they eat it
	give donna a mouthful of that pussy she has been missing this week
	take donna\'s exit interview as lorelei eats her pussy
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